My Story

    Family's, food and Interiors. 

I can have more than one love,

I am a portrait photographer: I take pictures of people, bonus points for kids!

I am a food photographer: I take pictures of anything scrumptious to eat (or drink)

I am an interior/architectural design photographer: I take pictures of gorgeous homes

My love of Photography dates back to my high school years when film was an art and being on the yearbook staff was my passion. I became a restaurant manager... go figure. When I got married I re-found my passion and I was blessed with a husband that encouraged me to follow my heart and pick my camera back up. A bit of school, a ton of workshops, conferences and lots of dedication lead me here. 

Art, photography is art. It is meant to be printed and displayed for all to see. Hang your beautiful images up, create a keepsake album that can be passed down and cherished by your littles when they are grown. Don't hide those precious times that were captured by keeping them in a desk drawer on a drive you never look at but once a year. 

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Recent Press

St. Louis Magazine Architect & Design Awards  
3 Awards & 5 Nomination

St. Louis Homes + Lifestyles  
Feature ~ Kitchens of the year  Platinum award & Gold award

Ladue News
Design awards ~ Kitchen

Cover of Abode

Post Dispatch
Image feature


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Mom of 4 boys. I love thunderstorms and rain. The beach is my therapy. I am deathly afraid of bees and wasps. My dream vacation is anything in the Mediterranean.  Lost is my all time favorite show ever but I have never re-watched the series !